Association of Low Birth Weight and Stunting events in Infants

Background: Indonesia ranked 5th as a contributor to the prevalence of stunting in the world, and it needs to get focus by the government. Based on the study of early childhood in central Java, South Sulawesi and West Sumatra (2009) showed that the prevalence of stunting reached 29%. Causes of stunting must be given serious attention because it relate to the nutritional life cycle. One cause of stunting is low birth weight (LBW). A malnourished young woman at risk of early pregnancy and it will affect the fetus to be LBW. LBW infants are likely to be failure to thrive that implies to the incidence of stunting in infants.

Objective: This research aimed to identify the relationship between low births weight (LBW) with the incidence of stunting in infants aged over 2 years.

Method: The research design is cross sectional. The infants with/without low birth weight as a research sample. An inclusion criterion is aged over 2 year until 5 year. The key objective was to assess the relative importance of LBW and stunting outcomes. Using of SPSS v.16 or STATA v.11 to conduct the analyses. The data will be analyzed using Chi-square, proportion, and regression. Present coefficients with 95% CI and P-values, significance was declared when P<0.05.

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